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Undress Distress

Undress Distress

Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  December 8, 2017

Drexter is a genius beyond his years.  His smarts permitted him to skip high school and found himself in college.  That is all well and good, but it doesn’t come without problems.  Hot girls and sexy MILFs are around him all the time.  Sadly, none of them would even look at him.  As a horny 18 year kid, he had to see them naked.  Thus he invented a device that will strip women of their clothing so that he can see their stunning bodies.  Drexter soon decides to test the device on his bitch of a step sister…

Official Publisher's Review

Undress Distress is based on a reader request story by Kong called New Generation.  The story features plenty of growth and more importantly, MILF growth.  The story is a wild fast based ride that constantly raises the stakes to a point where the world is changed forever.  The story takes inspiration from the old cartoon Dexter’s Lab and stories from giantessclub such as New Haven and GILF.



  • kong

    please continue this ;)

  • begts

    So lovely comic.

  • eve

    Another Great work, i love this and busty giantess milfs too!

  • kong

    Really amazing and wonderful job , you made it perfect and lovely work !!
    The growing milfs make great comics always ;)
    But there is something i hope you pay more attention to it in future works , don’t make characters too similar ! Here the girl and milf are both blonde,same hair style,same eye and lip colors,same body and …. ! This is the weak point of the work ; but overall the work is excellent , thanks for making this series , i wish it never end and it has many many chapters and faster updates.
    GiantessClub and BotComics are the best Giantess sites !