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Tiffany’s History Report

Written by:  Panther
Illustrated by:  Portalcomic
Release date:  June 15, 2011


Age Rating



Tiffany’s History Report starts with an invasion the Charter Rock Village…



  • kong

    I like to see the continue of this work where the world has the whole changed with amazon girls and mini giantess Milfs ;)

  • marshall_jackhammer

    Must say I thought this was great, the dialogue gave it a sense that it was being told by a teen and there were a few nice twists: Queen being a giantess and then the amazons in the classroom. Nice.

    Artwork was really great, some lovely inking going on and yeah, nice.

    I’m not even sure this one can be carried on, seems like it’s come to its logical punchline. Guess you could tell some more tales from that world, with the tall girls existing in a high school world where they’re just considered normal, rather than the usual where there’s an “OMG TALL GIRL” attitude in stories. Certainly a nice world setup for exploring the everyday life of super tall hotties.

  • punkazz

    I’d really hope this continues, I’d love to see where this goes when it turns out Tiffany is a giantess and not just an amazon

  • pillager

    The first chapter’s dialogue was silly veering into ‘trying to hard’, however the second chapter really pulled things together.

    Nice work.

  • sigurpol

    First part was okay… but this second part was really good and looks really promising!

  • bluedog

    Second issue,was a winner!
    I din’t think much of the first one,but the follow up was great!

  • cloakedandmasked

    a very interesting first start! No growth, but the actual story seems compelling, especially with the very colloquial method of storytelling that will no doubt come to fruition as the report continues. I’m very interested to see what happens next!

  • bigpanda

    First chapter in and already this story is a WIN. I love how in insert modern jokes in a period piece. Can’t wait for chapter two. Big-Buxom-Battling-Barbarian-’bout to bring the pain.