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The New Heaven

The New Heaven

Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  March 1, 2017


Age Rating



It is moving day in the household.  Not for the parents, but for the kids.  Their son and daughter are finally going off to college.  The move however, is and arduous task.  The mom is short and weak.  She struggles to move the boxes.  Soon fatigue takes its toll on the mom. Mom looses her balance and hits the ground hard.  Seeing his wife’s exhaustion, the dad suggests that they finish packing tomorrow.  Mom reluctantly agrees.  The daughter is having none of that however, and she tries to move a box herself to finish up packing.  It is to no avail as the daughter is just as weak.  The son watches these events unfold and cannot help but be concerned.  He loves his mom and his sister and decides to make a wish for women to be bigger and stronger.  It’s only a wish though, not like it’ll come true.  Right?

Official Publisher's Review

The New Heaven is a reader request story from Kong.  The story is about a son who makes a wish to make the women of the world bigger, stronger and by extension, sexier.  Young adult women are around 7-8ft while mature women top out at 20ft.  The New Heaven does not feature as many growth scenes as Bo’s other stories, but the few that are in the series are excellent.  The story is still filled with as many sex scenes as possible like Bo’s other works.  The sex scenes arguably make up for the lack of growing.  The New Heaven also features many size comparison shots to give a sense just how big the worlds women have gotten.  The New Heaven takes inspiration not only from Kong, but also GILF.  A MILF giantess story featured on the website.  Overall, The New Heaven is a treat for mini giantess sex enthusiasts that also some growth action sprinkled in.



  • milfzilla

    The cover image is the perfect size for all families, I wish more of this world!

  • Ztango927

    Nothing “over the top” pleanty of growing, and the ladies range from amazon to 50-foot woman.

  • kong

    thanks a lot !
    when next parts will release ?

  • milfzilla

    your sites are really the best in giantess sites !
    please make moms and milfs much bigger than girls in the “wish upon a star” ;-)
    also ” the new heaven ” is really really so lovely and wonderful and amazing comic !!
    i can tell it’s the best giantess series ever i’ve seen ^_^
    i hope to see next updates of these 2 comics soon and please continue them in so many parts ;-)
    thank you so so much for making great lovely comic series :kiss: ;-)

  • kage

    a perfect comic with amazing scenes !

  • mei

    really best series ever i’ve seen on giantess sites , i can’t wait for more parts , i love this series .