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The New Guardian

Written by:  Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  Mariano Navarro , Hernan Cabrera
Release date:  April 27, 2010


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The New Guardian has arrived.



  • bluedog

    this was awesome.I hope they do more with these characters.I was really looking forward to part 2.

  • Tubaman

    Was great! Would’ve liked to see more of this one but, oh well… Keep up the good work, would like to see more of this style of growth stories. I like the gradually growing stories, seems less rushed in a story like that… Anyway, can’t wait to read the next story original or add-on!

  • pillager

    Beautiful art, nice growth!

  • pillager


    This story has something for everyone.

    Keep ’em coming!

  • DarkQuaz

    I love growth in enclosed spaces. Navarro’s artwork is fantastic! Great job.

  • trout105

    so that was great that’s what i’m talking about! hoping for some mega super growth.

  • wvehec

    Nice start. I’m a little curious as to what her duties will be to defend the forest. I think Ari’s got his work cut out for him when she gets bigger!

  • commie


  • Kuenbu

    This comic was great. It had all the elements I like. Woman outgrowing clothing. Outgrowing living space. Multiple growth spurts. And gentle sex with a smaller man. This is my new favorite on the site.

  • bluedog

    Yeah! this is what I love!Growth,and interaction with a smaller male character.It’s kinda like ferngully,except it’s the faerie girl who grows human size.And of course the awesome talent of Lorekeep,Mariano and Herenan make this even better!
    This was well worth the wait in my opinion.
    You guys gotta check this one out.