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The High

Written by:  Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  INRealoaded
Release date:  February 28, 2011


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Our protagonist enters the world of the giantess through drug use. Her experiences run from the violent to the erotic.



  • dh

    purchased a subscription. pics are not showing.

  • raegoil1

    This story left a lot to be desired. Holding out for the next one though…

  • luchote

    I loved this one!

  • goolly

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t have much expection for this comic. As expected, it didn’t give much to be excited about. It was okay, but I would prefer that other good comics would be continued (like the very first one). I prefer stories were the babe grows into the giantess rather than just being a giantess. Also, not a big fan of this type of artwork (not that it is bad, just not a fan).

  • eur0pa7

    is this a new giantess experience experiment? Almost like another version of the red drug episode.hope the growth draw starts again soon, it seems longer between episodes of such.

  • pillager

    Something for everyone.

    Also, the story provided a nice change of pace.

    INRealoaded’s art is showing vast improvement since ‘Little Hero’.

    Keep up the good work.

  • bluedog

    It definitely gets points for trying something new.But I don’t know how I feel about it being a drug induced hallucination.

  • jtschwa

    Less than thrilling. No growth, not clothes tearing, not anything of entertainment other than the building chair scene. I’d prefer updates to existing comics rather than new ones without any substance.

  • ch3shire

    a couple of critiques. 1: no discernable story or plot whatsoever. which is a shame coming from lorekeep. 2: junkies aren’t sexy.

  • podpeps

    The idea and title was a little promising. But, I’m not really into it.

  • Terrafox

    Its missing something.

  • incubi18

    First, this was not a good comic. Second, before you start writing stories like this finish off the other way better ones. Third, why is the discussion board never working and finally when are we going to get that double update that was promised over a month ago. This site is starting to become really frustrating.

  • Webspidr

    The fact that the comic actually included graphic sex was awesome, but bestiality isn’t really my thing. Also, the fact that it was all a hallucination means there wasn’t any real growth sequence. The protagonist was pretty misanthropic, but i guess that’s to be expected given her background. That said, i love Little Hero and nobody else does, so shows what i know. XD

  • wolfman

    Uh, drugs are bad, m