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The Amazing Fultra
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The Amazing Fultra

Written by:  Shoshanna P.
Illustrated by:  Curt Vyle
Release date:  January 27, 2021

Fultra is the biggest, most famous futa super-heroine in Futropolis. She fights off crime thanks to her super suit that enhances her physical conditions granting her the ability to fly, super strength, to expand her body parts at will, and last but not least, makes her cock a cum cannon.

This time she’s challenged by an old rival, Voretress, a BBW Giantess super-villain with an insatiable hunger and one goal in mind (Or stomach?), to eat the entire world. Will Fultra manage to stop the massive Voretress or will she end up being digested by her? Only one way to find out!

Official Publisher's Review

Meet The Amazing Fultra, the new well-endowed futanari super-heroine that wants you to cum every time you look at her. This is a new interesting universe that focuses on breast expansion and futanari but thrives while experimenting with other transformation fetishes. Giving the readers a taste of how these fun and sexy fetishes interact with each other.

Shoshanna P. has made a name for herself with previous titles such as Mrs. Harper and Breast Expansion Online. This time she introduces the first futanari super-heroine of BotComics, with the debut of our newest artist Curt Vyle. A shout out to him as well.

The main idea of “The Amazing Fultra” is to keep doing stand-alone issues of her fighting the evil and sexy forces that constantly hit Futropolis. But most importantly, we want to invite everybody to share and comment their ideas on this new universe, what other fetishes, kinks, characters, enemies or tropes would you like to see in future issues. Follow this link to comment your ideas:

The Amazing Fultra: Ideas (Click and comment to participate)

We will be picking one of those ideas and give away for free the next episode to the winner comment! So make sure to participate, comment, and hit the like button.



  • kong

    I like the idea of this work, this can be great series ;)
    We just need a world where all women are futa and they are mini giantess size. but Milfs are bigger and thicker always.
    In this world normal Milfs, grow bigger as they do more sex, and then THE AMAZING FULTRA should stop them and turn to huge futa Milf to stop them from growing much bigger, we can have some scenes of huge and sexy milf moms in their home where they are the queen and something in the school and … ;)

  • Bacchus

    Love the idea of using the Ideas section for a contest! And the art/story look great!