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Mega Force Three
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Mega Force Three

Written by:  Richmond Alderbridge
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  September 7, 2016


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Back in the 1980’s the three teens of that generation fight to protect the city from a giant monster attack. Their arch enemy Evil-La Hate shoots a growth ray from space with the goal of making her monster larger. Without their mech armor vehicles, one of the girls makes a gamble to jump in between the growth ray and the monster! In the present, Carla is frustrated in college and decides to take a masturbation break. When she’s done she’s surprised to see that she was being watched by a menace!

Official Publisher's Review

Mega Force Three is a parody to a known and beloved television show, but one that goes into its own story full of sexy fun and gigantic adventures!  This is a humorous adventure tale that you don’t want to miss!