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Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Release date:  March 13, 2013


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Rose has always made the old guys look good where she worked, and she’s always at least earned a fair share of looks given that most are older and male, so a young woman like Rose stands out. After an accident with the new advanced Titan 3 microscope, Rose might literally be standing out quite a bit at her workplace.

Clarence and Rose work together studying the tiny, the unseen vastness of a world unexplored yet all around us. Each has a passion for the tiny, but neither sees how the new enormous laser microscope might change at least one of their perspectives on the job. In a massive and rather immediate reaction, Rose finds that she is growing more and more and Clarence has to hurry to find a solution or else the study of microscopics might become macroscopics for one bright young employee.

It’s big news in the study of small things.

Official Publisher's Review

Macroscopics is another short and quick casual read, a story where the visuals tell more than the narrative. The storyline is simple. Clarence and Rose, two very different individuals and yet two who share a similar passion for the job, are watching a new piece of advanced technology arrive at their government facility. This facility is like many such government locales, highly advanced, with many workers scattered all over.

One of the smallest and most out of place seeming employees is Rose, the young woman who finds herself quickly caught up in the center of something much bigger than her job description dictates. The catalyst to the action in the story is an accident unloading the large microscope, one that leaves Rose making a minor repair. What begins as something little of course escalates. The fun of the resulting chaos is shown through Rose’s eyes and through the reactions of those around her, even the most severe being light enough to enjoy.

The ending sums up the entire story in a one liner that might make the reader groan along with Rose or which might just leave them grinning at the rather silly tone of the tale.



  • ding_dong

    Second part was O.K.

  • ding_dong

    Maybe a good or great comic.

  • Webspidr

    I’m really liking this initial story and premise. It’s not often that we have a both brilliant and attractive giantess protagonist. I’m really hoping that Rose’s growth is depicted in a very detailed and erotic way. Of course he’s a nice guy, but if given permission Clarence might be a beneficiary of that. ;D