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Little Hero

Written by:  Prof. Mishap
Illustrated by:  INRealoaded
Release date:  January 13, 2011


Age Rating



A woman thwarts a bank robbery using the power of her body.



  • Nick

    I love this comic I hope there more of this I would be so happy if they did

  • Webspidr

    I must say that the the puddle of juice coming out of her vagina as she was transforming was a nice touch. I wonder how many people noticed?

  • gigaglvr

    Gey it was excellent but I couldn;t read it without reading glasses,I could not zoom in or out,something was wrong.

  • ursecret

    Not great. I agree with the first comment, finish the other stories that obviously most of us are waiting for and is the reason we are subscribed before starting a new one. However, i am excited to see what comes next.

  • chasm4

    It was ok. This story has the same problems as the other comics and is indicitive of the general flaw with this site in general. Here is the problem: The stories are wonderfully illustrated. Every one of them. But new stories are being added before the old ones finish. And they all seem to end before anything exciting happens. So we wait and wait and nothing. They never continue. So the comics on this site are all beginings of stories. Why not continue some of them before starting new ones?

  • 2dollars

    This is okay. I’m just happy that you guys finally updated. I hope you get your stuff together and try harder on with content this site. My sub is almost up and I don’t plan on resubscribing until you do. Cheers!

  • Nctrnl

    good work! would luv to see more focus on her feet bursting out of their confines, but thats just me. hope to see more of your work soon :D

  • Webspidr

    Finally a heroic giantess story! I hope this story is continued. I’d like to see some more strips where she can focus upon pleasuring herself rather than only having to transform to fight the bad guys. I like how she has a sense of justice and tries to protect the innocent. Also, fuck indecent exposure laws. A woman that awesome and beautiful has a right to fight crime naked! :)

  • pillager

    Nice intro.

    Good Art.

    I look forward to seeing her future interactions with other superfolks.

  • DarkQuaz

    Great story and excellent artwork! I love indoor growth! Keep it up!

  • dingo0

    It’s ok I guess. I think the growth scene should have been longer. And like everyone else I think you guys should continue your past works before starting new ones.

  • blakhart

    Loved it!!! More please. It would’ve been cool to see her shove one of the bandits into her nether regions but not complaining.

  • bluedog

    Wow,are they even trying anymore?
    The art work and quality of the story in this one is just poor and feels lazy.
    This one just felt like they phoned it in to get the update in on time.

  • PodPeep

    It’s okay. Story was alright and good to see other people contributing.. but it seemed to be over pretty quick. I was more so looking forward to this “double update” that was supposed to come last month. Getting a little tired of this.