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Kaskade Falls

Written by:  Qzar9999
Release date:  April 30, 2014




Club Kaskade is the city’s new hot night spot, and the owner, DJ Kaskade, seems to be headed for big things. But a bitter ex-business partner has a plan for putting the “smashing” in “smashing success.”

Official Publisher's Review

Qzar9999 shows us a lovely lady quite literally bringing down the house in this sexy tale of growth, destruction and revenge.



  • Webspidr

    I wish I had read this one sooner! :D

    I underestimated it because was just a single issue, but there is a heck of a lot of growth and eroticism packed into a small package.

    Even though the story is short, I think other comics should take a page from this one as to how to craft a slow, salacious growth scene.
    This comic had a great pay-off and I empathized with the female character throughout! ^_^

  • Bill

    Hi; I like all the stories,I’m wondering are you going to have them in physical book format anytime soon?