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Hero of Size

Hero of Size

Written by:  Bob Saget , Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  Chris Flash , Peter Logan
Release date:  November 5, 2009

A parody of the popular video game Fable II, we follow the exploits of a hero that discovers a fourth, previously unknown heroic power: the power of size!



  • kong

    Nice work, it can continue with a Milf queen who can grow bigger and she makes all the milfs on her land huge ;)

  • elrich

    8/6/10 – Nice job on the story and art. I never played Fable, but I am definitely drawn into the world with this. Please share more past part 2!

  • Syphos

    What an amazing comic! I hope more parts are added!

  • dascrub

    If there is a comic on this site that should be continued… its this one!

  • Disthron

    Ok, I really loved the second part to this. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Perhaps a villain discovers the “power of size” and they can have a kind of tug of ware battle. Like one gets a few hits on the other, some orbs fall out, the defender shrinks while the attacker grows. Then the defender counters to get her hight back.

    Anyway, just an idea, really enjoying it so far. I, personally wouldn’t wont her to get much bigger than she is now though. I’ve never liked mega and she seems like the perfect hight for me now. But that’s just me.

  • magnon

    Great to see this one getting a continuation. I see this Hero isn’t exactly the sharpest blade in the armory, but it’s hard to deny the effectiveness of her problem-solving technique.

  • vel100

    Fantastic new chapter to this great fable…It keeps getting better and better, can’t wait till the next part!

  • Lenny37

    Good start, but I’d REALLY like to see some vore! There’s so much growth work, but there’s never enough vore!

  • lhg1985

    Great! Can someone please write and illustrate a comic where a woman wants to grow tall for her husband so she buys growth pills from an internet site. She then ignores the instructions and takes the entire bottle, not only does she do that but she eats a big mcdonalds meal and milkshake to wash the pills down. When she gets home and proceeds to have sex with her husband she starts to get fat and tall at the same time, and her husban loves it and wants her to get bigger and fatter.

  • geazer

    Well done.

  • magnon

    The English language has yet to develop the words needed to express the quality of Hero of Size. This giantess comic is decades ahead of its time, and will move you to tears from the very first panel. In fact, it’s an understatement to say that it will forever revolutionize how we look at size-fetish material!

    Taking a moment to turn off the Molyneaux filter, it’s off to a pretty damn good start. Fable II is an interesting starting point, and it’s cool how she uses the game’s XP system. Plus I can’t wait to see how she deals with those annoying gargoyle heads. ;>

  • brickxbo

    I have to say, fan freaking tastic! I loved the idea that you guys took something that is based off of something like a game, relating it to something in real life, that really really helped a lot and made the story incredibly interesting and appealing! Plus…its FABLE II for christ’s sake

    Though I will also add that yes, all these 10 page comics ever two weeks is getting lame and it seems that none of them are continuing! I’d LOVE and would keep paying if this one was actually continued!

    can you makers/admins send us a few messages about what we’re saying here please? thus far I like these comics a lot but…they arent continuing.

  • conisher

    Navarro and Cabrera are the best artists here. The story is interesting as well. However this 10 page every 2 weeks business is starting to become a bit shallow.

  • astyanax

    Great artwork and wonderful illustrations of growth process. The video game reference is a little corny in the context of the story. This story has lots of potential for further continuation.

  • silvertmp

    I liked it but I don’t think there is going to be very much left in the story if she can’t control her size.

  • jimmyj87

    Is albion the village from fable? Illustration was superb and it was nice to see a themed story, but when stories are set in a modern time it’s easier to relate to I think. but then it is fantasy after all. Superb would be nice to see content released a bit more frequently though.

  • g30rg13

    WOW great start they should forget making a new comic and continue some first i recommend this one!!!