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Growin’ Clean

Growin’ Clean

Written by:  SupremeD
Illustrated by:  Morri
Release date:  July 20, 2018


Age Rating



Mariela brings her daughter, Sofia, with her to work to start earning money clearing houses. The first house they clean is actually the mansion of a science researcher. Sofia complains the entire time as her mother laughs at her child’s superficial suffering. When Sofia discovers that her mother doesn’t know as much about this researcher as she should and uses it as an opportunity to enter an area that’s restricted. A smoke slowly fills the lab they enter, and gives them some very big effects. A horniness compels the two to partake in some actions that a mother and daughter should not partake in. All happens right when the mansion’s owner, Dr. Clarke enters the room, and the two ladies decide to enact some revenge.

Official Publisher's Review

This is SupremeD’s first submission on Giantess Club, and it sure as hell is a BIG one. There’s not just ONE giantess, but TWO! It’s a fairly typical setup that takes a huge left turn with all the mother daughter action that takes place. And He spends a lot of time focusing on the growing portion of the giantesses and an equal amount of time dedicated to giantess sex. The sex leaves a bit more to be desired, but I know fans of the site will definitely appreciate it. This is a nice one-shot that will not leave giantess fans disappointed.



  • kong

    Really nice , the growing mom was amazing and lovely but i was hope she grow much bigger than girl , however nice work ;)