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Chubby Chews

Written by:  Nixemus Leirbas
Illustrated by:  Sebastian Cardozo
Release date:  September 13, 2010


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A little candy never hurt anyone but it might make you grow.



  • DarkNemo

    I like this series thus far. I can only hope that part 6 isn’t too far away.

  • pillager

    I loved this series.
    The story & art improved as it went along. Arousing & funny. I couldn’t ask for more.

  • Pantherdx5

    Didn’t really get into this one, whenever it would start to get interesting it would go into a completely different direction and lose my interest.

  • fisher

    Ugh, from the moment it came out, this was the comic I was more excited about than any other. Lindsay is fabulously attractive, cute, and likeable and the art is fantastic (shut up, I’ll address the flaws in a minute). But this comic never came nearly close to its potential. I think that what killed it was the screenwriting.

    Good sexual comics will always either be providing a rewarding scene or holding the reader in tension and anticipation of the next rewarding scene (which, when done right, is just as pleasurable as getting there).

    Chubby Chews had a few reward scenes that fell flat because the artwork (despite all its other appeal) often did not convincingly portray the growth (usually because of perspective and proportion problems) or convincingly portray the large size (also usually because of perspective but sometimes also because of a lack of contrasting background and surroundings).

    At the same time, most of the scenes between rewards do not generate tension or anticipation, because they are focusing entirely on non-sexual or non-growth developments, with no tantalizing hints of sexual tension or growth tension mounting. Apologies to the artists, but as was mentioned on The Process discussion of this comic, we’re basically here for the fetish fuel.

    But hey, it’s not one or the other. Every single story element used in the comic could be preserved (they were all fine, except for maybe the bland, consequence-less motivations of the old woman) and huge improvements could still be made, just by changing the focus of the “camera”, the audience’s attention: making sure tension-building details are the primary subject of each frame, and the business of the plot is safely in the background.

    Anyway, huge thank you to nixemus and sebastian cardozo, really look forward to more, and hell I’ll put my money where my mouth is and write a screenplay in hopes it could look like Chubby Chews…

  • bgmon7xx

    Oh please no furry stories, Please!

  • Tubaman

    This was great, a little too short in my opinion considering the time it took. On the other side I would very much like to see continuations of stories that only have one “to be continued” message, such as Ascension, Multi and Exceeds Expectations. Also would like to see more of PMD, Peak Shift, Above the Law, Big Debut, Alison Wonderbra and Chubby Chews. For me I would like to see something in the Furry style of a Giantess story and I think that it could be an interesting challenge if I do say so myself!

  • bgmon7xx

    Getting good now, please continue. Please continue with Peak Shift, PMD, Above the Law and would really like to see a continuation of Multi and Flight Hazard if it is in your grand designs. Thanks for the timely updates, good stories and look forward to more fantastic art work.

    Merry Christmas Giantess Club staff and artist!

  • pillager

    It made me chuckle!

    Pretty damn good.

  • pillager

    Cute Giantess.

    Story that goes somewhere. Improving artwork. Thanks for the better sense of proportion.

    I love the Potential for massive destruction, A Giantess Liberation Army, sexual revenge on former captors, & many more possibilities.

    BTW, congrats on the first ever stealthy giantess.

  • xiamorte

    Wow. I was kinda hoping this one would finally get a continuation, and that was (almost) worth the wait. I really hope that more unfinished comics get continuations rather than starting any more, there’s already more than enough plots. I’d be a lot happier with the money I’m paying if the updates are closer to 2 per month, and existing plots get more love.

    Flight Hazard and Multi, for example, are still only 1 chapter long AFAIK, despite high reviews. It’d be cool to see a continuation of Ascension too, at some point.

    Still, this was a great chapter to one of the better comics, and sebastian’s art style is a nice change of pace, and this chapter really came into its own.

  • marshall_jackhammer

    Artwork is pretty all over the place. Dialogue etc isn’t great either

  • pillager

    WallyBoy is correct.

    Cutest GTS ever.

    I love the tension & conflict provided by a GTS who isn’t invulnerable to any & all harm.

    Can’t wait to learn more about the sinister candy conspiracy…

  • WallyBoy

    Please hurry with the next one. This one is shaping to be a good one. Girl looks really cute too.

  • Nemo3333

    Loved it! Unknowingly self-inflicting her own growth and oblivious to it until it becomes too late. Can’t wait to see the next part!

  • jtschwa

    Waiting for an update on this one. Been too long already, much like many others on this site. Great start and hoping to see more really soon.

  • PodPeep

    Eh, wasn’t really feeling this one. Perhaps follow up on some of the “to be continued” ones rather than starting new ones?

  • Yamato89

    Awesome! Can’t wait for part2!

  • pillager

    Nice story, great potential.

    Clothing bursting is always a good thing!

    However, I had trouble getting a sense of proportion.

    i.e. How big was she?

    All that aside, I look forward to part 2.

  • wadashee

    Great concept would like to see more of where it goes!!

  • Shalala3

    A great start, and like always I now have to wait impatiently for the next part because of a cliffhanger. (Seriously, I would like to see more continuations instead of new comics…) But putting that aside, its a good comic.