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Alison Wonderbra

Alison Wonderbra

Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Illustrated by:  Chris Flash , Peter Logan
Colored by:  Chris Flash
Release date:  July 15, 2011


Age Rating



Alison, a shy, self-conscious girl is looking forward to her college class visiting the mysterious Wonder Fashion Products facility was almost magical form enhancing fashions for women are created. After drifting off due to some sinus medication, Alison wakes and stumbles upon the secret land beneath the factory. She meets interesting characters and has some tasty local treats which have unforeseen side effects on her body. Alison Small soon becomes the biggest visitor Wonder Fashion Products has ever had.



  • ding_dong

    This is a BE story, but nice and short.

  • Liran

    I enjoyed this comic, but for me,it was a bit out of place in many ways. First,as many subscribers have noted, this definetly deserves to be on the BE Story Club site. Second, the title is misleading. When you are expecting to to see Alice grow out of a house with the rabbit running for his life or seeing her humiliate the Queen’s soldeirs, but instead see something like “Charlise and the Cleavage Factory”, one can only wonder if somewhere, somebody made a mistake. I would love more than anything to see the series continued, just on the right path. Hopefully MPHC can continue illustrating this one or another “Alice” comic in the near future. If you need any ideas, just email me.

  • gabythekik

    best comic =)

  • jpfazz24

    BE Story Club

  • wildcard

    This comic is pretty cool – it’s got everything I could have ever asked for.

    I’m a little disappointed when she grew into a giantess, but why didn’t her bra and panties stretch like the rest of her clothes?

    And the BE was unexpected, that would be something I’d expect to see from the BEStoryClub!

    But I would love to see it continue! Bring it!

  • grizzlys54

    should be more appropriate in BE stories than here but nice comic

  • TBirds

    Encore! Wish this had been on the BEStoryClub. You definitely need to follow up this story. The artwork was tremendous.

  • The Ascension Group

    Amazing. If this part would be the Hall of Doors then I can’t wait to see the house scene if there be one. This should be the next Soma Seeds where it has 6 parts or more.