• Today, we announce a new version of the streamer for all our comics and stories. We include some visual changes that enhance the user experience. Some of the changes are: Improved ratings on the streamer: You can say if you liked (or not) what you have just read before leaving the story. You don’t need […]

  • For active members Effective immediately, all active plans became cross-site. It means that if you have an active subscription for only one club you will be able to enjoy the other two with no additional cost. No action is required by the members. You just need to login with the same credentials on any of […]

  • Everybody loves a good women-in-prison story, from the character-centered drama of something like Orange is the New Black to something less cerebral like Caged Heat. It’s no surprise, therefore, that writer Bob Saget, artist Peter Logan and colorist/letterer Chris Flash have tackled this theme in Above the Law, a hyper-violent, hyper-sexual look at what happens when the passions and […]

  • Superpowers are about wish fulfilment; you don’t need to be a psychologist to appreciate that. Scratch a comics fan, and you’ll find a kid who daydreamed about running as fast as the Flash or leaping tall buildings in a single bound. But not only do superpowers represent our inner desires – for freedom, for power, […]

  • Who do you make love to when you’re 26 feet tall? Gail Parker’s sex life had been hotter than hot with her latest boyfriend. Then suddenly, in the iddle of an epic orgasm, the quiet school teacher became of epic proportions. Her house destroyed, her now way too tiny clothes ripped away, she ran through the gawking town […]

  • Valued Customers! On June 17, 2015 starting at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST) ccBill will be conducting a planned maintenance on their infrastructure that supports our payment system. As a result of this maintenance window, the order confirmation will be delayed for periods of up to 30 minutes after a payment so you orders might not be confirmed so you […]

  • Today, we released our first video teaser trailer for our first original giantess character! About Codename: G-Woman The story begins with Gail Parker, writing his memoirs of the events that happened that led to their current situation. Now she is a giant. Recall that she that she was having sex with her ​​boyfriend and in […]