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Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins

#4: Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins

Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Juanka , PX Comics Studio
Release date:  December 20, 2017


Age Rating



Having finished her revenge, the titan MILF decides that she wants more since it has been so long. After surveying the surrounding area, she decides nothing there will do. All is not lost as the mom remembers a certain building in the city, by the mall. The story transitions to Lori as she covers Shelly and the mass destruction caused. Without warning, the very earth starts to shake. Lori first thinks it’s an earthquake until she looks up and sees a gigantic MILF striding over her. After seeing the story of her life walk over her, Lori begs her cameraman to help her get the scoop of a lifetime. Having made it this far, Joe reluctantly agrees. The MILF soon finds a skyscraper that has the perfect length, shape, and girth for her tastes. Not hesitating for a second, the MILF penetrates herself with the structure. During this time Lori had commandeered a helicopter and the journalist uses it to get the best shots possible. The story of giant women is officially breaking news. That news extends all the way to the NASA center. Kai sees the MILF fucking a building and decides to grab her boss to show him she’s right about the weird shooting star. Her boss and fellow interns will finally pay attention to her, just not in the way she will expect…

Official Publisher's Review

Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins is based off a reader’s request. The story is full of sex, breast expansion, and giantess growth that Bo Saget is known for. The story draws inspiration from Bo Saget’s previous works such as Above the Law and PMD when it comes to the breast expansion and growing themes. Bo also took inspiration from other author’s works like Blowing Up More Than Photographs to create a believable and sexy giantess MILF. Wish Upon a Star: Giant World Begins serves as an origin story of a world where women are much taller than men. In this world, there is plenty of room to expand to different plot threads of people’s lives within the giantess world that has not been explored in the origin story.



  • milfzilla

    WoW !
    This is terrific and amazing comic , i love Giantess MILFs .

  • bbwgts

    Wonderful update! I really enjoyed from this giantess MILF , the growing MILFs are so so hot and amazing , can’t wait for more parts , thanks for recent comics ,they were prefect because of the MILFs.

  • mei

    Adorable series.


    Personally, I like the giant city size growth. Been too long since we’ve seen a mega giantess on here. Maybe you need to make a mini giantess site for kong and leave this site for mega and giga growth only! Lol

    • kong

      haha ,the giantesses in all sizes are so nice but mini giantesses are more Accessible ;)

  • kong

    This is so so great work and nice art ,thanks giantessclub for lovely comics !
    The giantess MILFs are perect always ;-)
    Please make the world where all females are busty mini giantesses with big ass but milfs and moms are more than double size of the girls and hotter and the girls never can’t grow to Milfs sizes ,because Milfs are the Queen of every houses and places !
    And please don’t make females too big ,the mini giantess size is perfect .

    • bbwgts

      I agree,the art style is so nice and the Giantess MILFs are the best!