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Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins

#3: Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins

Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Juanka , PX Comics Studio
Release date:  July 12, 2017


Age Rating



The part cuts to trouble growing elsewhere.  Shelly’s mother is in a fierce argument with her ex-husband in divorce court.  Having seemingly won, her ex could not help but smile with a shit eating grin.  Until it happened.  Like her daughter, the MILF suddenly found herself growing to great heights.  Bewildered by her transformation into a goddess, the mom had to get her bearings.  After getting used to her new height, the mom saw an opportunity for a revenge of the ages.  The giantess MILF crouches down and grabs her helpless ex-husband.  Being nothing more than a fucktoy to him, she decided to make him her fucktoy.  The pleasure she gained from the struggling bastard in her pussy was more than she ever thought possible.  The mom soon found herself explosively growing throughout the courthouse…

Official Publisher's Review

Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins is based off a reader’s request.  The story is full of sex, breast expansion, and giantess growth that Bo Saget is known for.  The story draws inspiration from Bo Saget’s previous works such as Above the Law and PMD when it comes to the breast expansion and growing themes.  Bo also took inspiration from other author’s works like Blowing Up More Than Photographs to create a believable and sexy giantess MILF.   Wish Upon a Star: Giant World Begins serves as an origin story of a world where women are much taller than men.  In this world, there is plenty of room to expand to different plot threads of people’s lives within the giantess world that has not been explored in the origin story.



  • kong

    best part , please next parts and we want to see more of this world ,thanks!

  • milfzilla

    continue please with more and more growing milfs and women , please update faster.

  • mei

    amazing work , i wish to see growth for all women soon and they turn to busty mini giantesses and i wish mom growth double size of her daughter .

  • kong

    really nice part , i would like to see she grows much bigger than her daughter ;-)

    • eve

      yes , Milfs must be the biggest , she looks wonderful!