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The Superheroine’s Daughter

#3: The Superheroine’s Daughter

The Superheroine’s Daughter
Written by:  BigDaveX
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  June 19, 2019

Sharon, who has now reverted to her normal persona, has brought Tommy back to her apartment to clean up. Tommy is still freaked out over the situation, and unsure about whether he wants to carry on being with Kelly. Sharon assures him that Kelly doesn’t have any size powers, and asks him to at least listen to her life story, before he makes any decisions.

In flashback, we find out that when she was 18, Sharon was attending college with her friend Jessica, a physics genius who devised a method by which people could gain size-changing powers, intending to be able to grow a little larger to deal with some troublesome fratboys. Due to a mishap in the experiment however, the two are exposed to far more growth energy than they initially expected. Sharon grows approximately three foot taller, destroying most of her clothes as she does so. Jessica then decides to grow herself, and ends up growing far bigger than Sharon, taking up nearly the entire science lab.

The two subsequently quit college to devote their lives to careers as superheroines. Eventually, after taking up waitressing jobs for a while, the two go into their first superheroine mission, taking care of a pair of escaped tigers. Unfortunately, their first attempts at designing costumes don’t go entirely to plan, and they end up having to take care of the tigers while topless.
Back in the present day, Kelly storms into the apartment, furious at both Tommy and Sharon, and shows them a video of Tommy in Sharon’s breasts during the previous chapter.

Official Publisher's Review

This chapter mostly takes place in flashback, showing us the origin of Captain Colossus, and also revealing that she originally had a fellow heroine with the same powers, Jessica, AKA Gigantigirl.

We find out that their goal from the start was to gain size-changing powers, though the typical “lab accident” ends up being involved after all, and amplifying their powers far beyond what they originally intended. Sharon is the first to grow, and is rather freaked out by the experience, which badly damages her outfit. Jessica on the other hand is rather intrigued by her new powers, and when she grows herself takes far more pleasure in it, completely ripping out of her clothes and growing so big that she fills up the lab.

As the flashback jumps forward, we get a hint as to how Sharon transitioned from her original physics background to being a food critic, as she (and Jessica) are revealed to have worked as waitresses, which gives another outfit for the two to destroy. It’s also revealed that their superheroine careers had some teething troubles, as their original costumes end up being destroyed during their growth spurt. Nonetheless, the two are able to deal with the situation they find themselves in, and even toy around with the vicious tigers that have escaped the zoo.

In the present day, Sharon and Tommy face up to the repercussions of their actions in the previous chapter, as Kelly, whose resentment at her mother’s career is now fully shown, rages at Tommy over his cleavage ride, ending the issue on a cliffhanger.