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The New Heaven

#6: The New Heaven

The New Heaven
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  March 28, 2018


Age Rating



After passionate hot steamy sex, the son sadly must return back home. His mom and dad greet him and his sister with great enthusiasm. His sister takes the opportunity to announce her engagement. Seeing is family is all well and good, but the son could only think about the beautiful aged woman he fucked.  Good news came quick though, his mom tells him that his roommate’s mom found him a summer job. The son was so excited to start his new job, he nearly fainted. However it was all for not, instead of his roommate’s mom, it was another aged (yet gorgeous) woman sitting to greet him. He had giving up hope, when suddenly he heard her voice. The two giantesses soon turn to gaze down at their little guest. The threesome of a lifetime was about to commence that will turn the giantess world into a giantess heaven.  A New Heaven.

Official Publisher's Review

The New Heaven is a reader request story from Kong. The story is about a son who makes a wish to make the women of the world bigger, stronger and by extension, sexier. Young adult women are around 7-8ft while mature women top out at 20ft. The New Heaven does not feature as many growth scenes as Bo’s other stories, but the few that are in the series are excellent. The story is still filled with as many sex scenes as possible like Bo’s other works. The sex scenes arguably make up for the lack of growing. The New Heaven also features many size comparison shots to give a sense just how big the worlds women have gotten.  The New Heaven takes inspiration not only from Kong, but also GILF. A MILF giantess story featured on the website. Overall, The New Heaven is a treat for mini giantess sex enthusiasts that also some growth action sprinkled in.



  • eve

    Mother was much bigger than daughter and i was hope to see that she is the biggest always but in this part why it didn’t happened ?
    I wish for another part with growth for mother please.

  • mei

    Why girl outgrow her mom ?? that was very bad scene , please more chapter with growing for mom too!

  • kong

    why not published ?!

    • content

      Hi Kong, this chapter is published. Tell us if you’re having problems visualizing it.

      • kong

        Hi , thanks , i saw it , i mean why my above comment is not published ?
        I wrote it on “28 March, 2018 at 02:30 pm”

  • milfzilla

    One of the best comics ever , but last part disappointed me , i was hope for mother’s growth or daughter shrink back because in review we have “Young adult women are around 7-8ft while mature women top out at 20ft” but it changed at last !!
    However thanks for this lovely work and i wish for more growing Milf moms comics in the future .