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The New Heaven

#2: The New Heaven

The New Heaven
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  May 17, 2017


Age Rating



The son awakes from a sleepless night.  Groggy, he drags himself downstairs for some much needed food.  Son is suddenly shocked at the sight before him.  Both his mom and sister have grown, especially his mom.  The family are all confused by the son’s gasps of surprise.  To them everything is normal.  The packing soon resumes.  The mom has to break her way out of the house due to her size.  Again, son can not help but stare in awe.  He foolishly decides to confront his sister to see if anything is strange to her.  The son is met only with taunts about his diminutive size.  Luckily for the son, he will not have to deal with his sister for much longer.  The packing has finished.  The son is about to drive off to college when suddenly the car flat tires.  Before he could finish cursing at his luck, he gets silenced by the car being lift up.  It turns out his mom is effortlessly holding the car as his dad changes the tire!  Still bewildered beyond belief, the son drives off to college.  Now that their kids are away, the parents engage in some much needed alone time…

Official Publisher's Review

The New Heaven is a reader request story from Kong.  The story is about a son who makes a wish to make the women of the world bigger, stronger and by extension, sexier.  Young adult women are around 7-8ft while mature women top out at 20ft.  The New Heaven does not feature as many growth scenes as Bo’s other stories, but the few that are in the series are excellent.  The story is still filled with as many sex scenes as possible like Bo’s other works.  The sex scenes arguably make up for the lack of growing.  The New Heaven also features many size comparison shots to give a sense just how big the worlds women have gotten.  The New Heaven takes inspiration not only from Kong, but also GILF.  A MILF giantess story featured on the website.  Overall, The New Heaven is a treat for mini giantess sex enthusiasts that also some growth action sprinkled in.