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The Meadebower Incident

#2: The Meadebower Incident

The Meadebower Incident
Written by:  xCuervos
Illustrated by:  Celestin
Release date:  January 23, 2019


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Back from their slightly disastrous trip to a mysterious island in the western Atlantic, Bridger and the crew return home with Abbie along for the ride. Their guest quarters are too small to accommodate a 20 ft tall girl, but an airplane hangar can double as an apartment and movie theater! Feeling compelled to catch her up on the last twelve years, Bridger becomes a frequent visitor to Abbie’s large room, and they develop a friendship. Away from the island at last, Abbie yearns to experience the modern culture of 1936, which wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the movies. Meanwhile, the suspicious scientist Gunter and his cold-as-ice bodyguard Inga are cooking up something sinister in his lab.

Official Publisher's Review

Arriving back on the mainland, the Meadebower Incident shows us how the world of 1936 would react to a giant girl from the jungle. They would immediately lock her up in an airplane hangar, away from the public eye, to study her like a lab rat! Fortunately, our hero Bridger has a soft spot for Abbie, the mysteriously gigantic girl in an awkward situation. Abbie and the scientists studying her find that her height is decreasing over time, which might just bring her back to normal. Don’t worry, height-difference fans, Inga is here to pick up the slack as she starts building both muscle and height in a bid to become the strongest woman in the world! Is she a supervillain? Well, just check out that leather ensemble!

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    Holy cow! This was actually intriguing! Very interesting indeed, and all without nudity or sex(not that I’d mind some later Haha) Bravo to the writer, no typos from what I saw and the art kind of feels retro, nice touch! Can’t wait for the next one! Also waiting for next beyond the law reversal please! Thanks!

    • xcuervos

      Thanks so much, I had a lot of fun writing this one. My usual stories are all about BE, but this was a chance to tell a fun tale of adventure with that vintage feel! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it, and let’s hope Issue #3 comes a little sooner this time!