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Stranger than Fiction: University Daze

#2: Stranger than Fiction: University Daze

Stranger than Fiction: University Daze
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  August 26, 2020


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



After the chaos of the previous chapter, Selene realizes she might need to take a little break. And nothing says relaxation like Spring Break. The gang is venturing to Rebecca the volleyball star’s family lake house where they’ll do the standard college spring break stuff: drink beer, gossip, grow twenty feet tall. You know, the usual.

Selene realizes soon after their arrival one of the girls possesses her same reality-warping abilities and is not nearly as bashful about using them. The house quickly devolves into lust-fueled madness, with Selene the only one capable of stopping the fuck-fest. Unless she makes it worse…

Will Selene be able to temper her own urges and put this new mystery lady in her place or will she give in to her growing desires and rise to previously unseen scales (hint: probably)?

Official Publisher's Review

Stranger than Fiction has always focused on the terror and exhilaration of what it means to be yourself… while also growing into whatever you want to be. We’re two chapters into this new arc, and Malenkaya & the art team do not disappoint. There are great scenes of BE, mini-giantess comparison, ass expansion, muscle growth, and house-destroying giantesses. Selene definitely meets her match with Cora and the two butting heads leads to some sexy and out of control scenes for us! Better yet, we get a wide spectrum of growing ladies. The chapter opens up the door to some really tantalizing next steps for the series. Not one to pass up!



  • kong

    Great but I was hoping to see more of The Sorority-House Mom, continue with more growing Milfs, please ;)

  • faavv

    Nice chapter! I would love to see this series become a long runner like “Atomic Mobile” and “Beyond the Law”.
    I wish we had seen more of the growth games in this issue, though. A little competitive growth is always welcome.