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Stranger than Fiction: A New Chapter

#2: Stranger than Fiction: A New Chapter

Stranger than Fiction: A New Chapter
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  June 14, 2019


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



Selene is beginning to understand what it means to be an Author… your very thoughts become reality. The only problem? Selene’s thoughts constantly wander to sexy teachers, huge breasted women and titillating sexual rendezvous in every corner of the school. Selene is just trying to get through the school day without a giantess teacher destroying half the building, but she really ought to be worried about her own mind. Jealousy and lust are powerful tools when put in the right hands, but when they’re ignored they take on a life of their own as Selene quickly finds out. This chapter ends with Selene in desperate need of guidance, but when she turns to her family for help she realizes the problem might be growing too big for her to handle. She totally won’t let her reality-warping powers affect her mom right?

Official Publisher's Review

This new chapter in the Stranger Than Fiction universe sure is heating up! Selene is having just as much trouble getting a hold on her reality-warping powers as her predecessor, and she has an even bigger appetite than he did! Soon everyone in the school is under her magical thrall. This story involves lots of breast expansion, teasing leg growth, Milf Growth, and much more! The author and artist do an amazing job of capturing the temptation of unlimited power and trials of figuring out who you want to be. This is the sexy second chapter of the new series, so be sure to check out it’s first chapter if you haven’t already! As we ramp up the story, we love to hear back from readers so be sure to like and leave a comment.



  • bebe

    I like the girl’s mother, we should have more of her as the biggest giantess, the girl must think of making all Moms huge

  • begts

    I like how thick and voluptuous Mom has become, she is perfect now, I wish to see all MILFs like her, so big and busty and thick, this will be a heaven for all.

  • mei

    So good, Selene’s Mom looks so hot and curvy and I like her so much, the story is getting better, it’s good to see growth for all women like this especially for Milfs.

  • bbwgts

    Perfect! this is a great work, I love the girl’s Mother and her growing body, do more please, she is amazing MILF

  • eve

    Excellent part, I really like the body of women after growth in this comic, I hope you use this type of body for other comics too, Selene’s Mom is so hot and lovely, I wish you do more of her in the next parts and it’s good to see her the biggest woman in the comic, also it will be great if we have more growing Milfs, thanks a lot!

  • Clonecamando

    Masterpiece, honestly hits all the right notes for me in terms of the huge growing proportions of characters and interactions. Certainly with Elizabeth blowing up over the school canteen counter was a superb visual.
    It’s works with that scale that I’ve missed quite dearly from the sites since those works were often the ones that drew me here In the first place. Sincerely thank you for this one.

    • Malenkaya

      Glad to hear you liked! I loved writing that scene, will have to think about how to bring more like it into the next chapter! Elizabeth is a fun character to work with, and the artist did such an amazing job with her.

  • fucknuggets12

    Story is good. I wish there was more sex on this site. The first 3 pages all looked like they were leading up to it, but nobody put anybody’s bits inside of anyone else’s for more than a single frame. The story is a great magnifier for the sex scenes but without them it doesn’t really hit that spot for me

    • Malenkaya

      That’s a great point! The first two chapters were sort of trying to stick to the style and feel of the first one, which didn’t focus as heavily on the sexual intercourse, but I think you’ll be pleased with how the third chapter turns out! Thank you for the feedback!

  • kong

    Looks wonderful, can’t wait for this perfect work!
    I wish her Mom become the biggest.

    • kong

      Nice chapter but there was few of Mom, also girls grown too much, I was the hope we have more of her Mom and she grows so big and wide and become the biggest one, and we have more growing MILFs too, however, I will wait for the next great chapter and more of amazing Mom ;)

    • Malenkaya

      Glad you liked! The third chapters going to have lot of great actions, including MILF fun!

      • kong

        Great, please make Selene’s Mom much bigger than her and her sister, she must be the biggest one, thanks!