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Stranger than Fiction: A New Chapter

#1: Stranger than Fiction: A New Chapter

Stranger than Fiction: A New Chapter
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  February 8, 2019


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



In a spiritual successor to the incredible classic Stranger than Fiction, Selena had a normal life– she wasn’t the prettiest girl or the smartest… or well a lot of things. But she was happy, and she had friends. All that changes though when she wakes up from a bizarre dream with someone called the Author and finds that her world is warping to her every whim, no matter how small or large.

Now her mom’s a busty amazon, her best friend is spilling out of her clothes, and the entire school has gone rabid with an insatiable lust. Selena knows she’s the root of the problem, but she just can’t manage to control herself– or maybe she doesn’t want to after all? Come see how her adventure unfolds!

Official Publisher's Review

The original Stranger than Fiction is a perfectly crafted story– it has everything. This spiritual successor definitely matches the pacing of the original, paying homage while taking the story into its next phase. There are some truly great growth sequences, ranging from BE, mini-giantess, Age Regression, Butt growth, muscle growth, and tons of libido growth. For anyone who enjoyed the original, this is a must read.



  • milfzilla

    Unique work! the Mother looks really good, her family will be perfect with a busty mini giantess Mother but if this happens for all families that will be much better too!

  • eur0pa7

    where can i get the original series?

  • sonamy

    I love this comic especially Selena’s mom is wonderful!

  • Bacchus

    Hey folks, it’s great to hear such enthusiasm! The original Stranger than Fiction was one of my all time favorites, and I really hope what I am (and the AMAZING Eros Studios) creating live up to it. I can tell you right off the bat if it does well the next few chapters I have planned definitely spirals out of control fast: lots of milf growth, teasing, and competitive escalation! I love the feedback, and I’ll try to add in as much of it as possible!

    And yes, Selena’s mom will be back (maybe she deserves her own comic?!?!)

    • kong

      This is really amazing series with amazing art too ;)
      Thank you for continuing it, the growing milfs are so lovely and they make perfect comics always!
      Selena’s Mom is so hot and perfect milf, please make her bigger and yes a comic for her will be great Idea (a family with hot mini giantess Mom), but if I had Selena’s power I would make all Moms huge and hot, so everyone will respect and love them ^_^

  • eve

    Selena’s Mom looks so amazing, please make her even bigger and hotter, she must become the biggest!

  • Clonecamando

    Already starting off as a wonderful successor to the original series that was most beloved.
    I can only hope this one gets a bit wackier on the size front and is already seeming very promising with the giantess Teacher.

    • Bacchus

      There will definitely be an escalation of growth. The teacher scene was one I’d been trying to work into a story for a while, definitely want to add more of those in future chapters.

      Things go off the rails rather quickly for our brave (and horny) protagonist! Stay tuned and make sure to give it a thumbs up (if you haven’t already…and you do actually like it!)

  • Magnaking

    hope this gets uploaded today! preferably 4 am

  • kong

    Great news, this is lovely comic, I wish more growth for his Mom and other MILFs ;)
    All MILFs should outgrow young girls.

    • kong

      Really lovely work!
      I wish her Mom get bigger for the next part ;)