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Remote Out of Control: Cocking It Up

#3: Remote Out of Control: Cocking It Up

Remote Out of Control: Cocking it Up
Written by:  Bacchus
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  May 24, 2019


Age Rating



Taylor’s managed to escape the quarreling Emma and Zoe for now (see chapter 2 if you need to catch up!), but the school is full of hot teachers and students, who have all heard that Taylor’s cum will make them huge. To escape, he’s going to need to get around some increasingly tempting obstacles–first and foremost his sexy science teacher! When she starts making some alterations to the app herself (for science of course!) You know Taylor’s in trouble.

He might be sucked dry before he’s able to get his hands on the remote again and get some control on this situation!

Official Publisher's Review

The concluding chapter of the most recent foray into the Remote Out of Control Universe. Penis Expansion plays a minor role in this chapter, instead allowing for breast expansion and sex to take center stage for this explosive finale. This chapter has MILF fucking, tit fucking, blowjobs, breast expansion, mini-giantesses, competitive growth and more. Bacchus is able to tie in the previous two chapters, and will definitely leave you begging for more.

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  • goldgins

    what are the heights of the 3 girls at the end

  • bbwgts

    We need a mini giantess futa MILF comic too ;)

  • kong

    Excellent, continue with more growing MILFs please, I want to see his Mom become hot mini giantess too, the teacher was amazing!

    • Bacchus

      Thanks for the feedback Kong, I had a feeling that would be a popular scene. Who knows what a field trip or family vacation might look like with the Remote App in play?

      • kong

        That will be good, the App should make MILFs grow into busty mini giantesses and the girls a little taller with big boobs and this happens for all females on the world ;)
        Thank you for the lovely works!

  • goldgins

    Don’t end this

    • Bacchus

      Hi Goldgins! Glad to hear you liked it. It’s definitely one of my favorites. While these three parts were seen as a self-contained story, I don’t see a reason why we couldn’t…ehem…expand the universe further. The app is out there now afterall!