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Remote Out of Control: Cocking it Up

#1: Remote Out of Control: Cocking it Up

Remote Out of Control: Cocking it Up
Written by:  Bacchus
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  February 22, 2019


Age Rating



Nerds Taylor and Zoe have been best friends forever. So when Taylor finally reveals his fears of going to college with a tiny penis, Zoe offers to help. The perks of have a tech-genius best friend!

She develops an app (a remote of sorts) that will increase the size of his manhood with a single press of the button. Sure he should have asked why she was putting the remote on her phone and not his, but it works perfectly so who cares! What he doesn’t anticipate is how well the experiment works… and oh right, his cum is now addictive and makes girls grow huge breasts. This shouldn’t be a problem, just so long as he keeps the remote a secret.

Sure Taylor wanted a huge cock but with a cum-obsessed, growing Zoe at the remote’s helm, he’ll get much more than he bargained for. Better strap in because things are getting out of control!

Official Publisher's Review

Developed from a suggestion on the BE Story Club’s Ideas page, Remote Out of Control: Cocking It Up, brings about all the fun growing chaos and voyeurism of the series with a new slant. While the focus is securely on Taylor and his growing monster between his legs, Zoe shares in plenty of the growing fun as she gets some benefits from the experiment herself. This chapter includes penis expansion, breast expansion, and sprinkles of height and ass growth.



  • ravenmile

    awesome story! i’ve almost given up hope finding a good story where the subject of the PE didn’t have tits, a tail, or silly amounts of muscle as well. The women having the control over how big he gets is a fantastic touch also. love the story so far, and the promise of where it can go. cant wait to see more!

  • Bacchus

    Penis Expansion isn’t the most common of subjects for the BE Story Club. I’d be interested to hear reader’s opinion on the chapter (likes/dislikes). If it’s a kink that proves popular, I’d love to write more stories based on feedback, especially those who published it in the Ideas section of the website!

    • GrimJack

      I want to jump in here and give you a big thumbs up on this story arc. I’m a fan of BE/PE fetish stories, and so far, this one is rolling my socks (good job). I find your characters likable, and Zoe’s impish sense of fun is delightful. Taylor’s obvious ambivalence about his expansion is nicely done too. I’m looking forward to seeing how he develops as his life spins out of control. I’d rather not see the characters takes a dark turn and becomes hurtful or spiteful, but you’re the boss.

      I’ve written several novellas, and novel-length stories were PE rears its head. However, a couple years back I stopped trying to post the stuff. The silence was deafening, and complaints were more common than kudos. As one of my characters is fond of saying, “Why do I bother?”

      Anyway, well done! I’m definitely going to support this series.

      Cheers and Grimness,