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Red Pill: Legalized

#2: Red Pill: Legalized

Red Pill: Legalized
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  September 11, 2020


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



Ellen’s daughter, Sally, has always been frustrated that she didn’t get her mom’s good looks. It doesn’t help that her best friend and secret crush absolutely gaga about her mom all the time. When the two find a stash of Red Pill– the new, legal drug that induces people’s deepest fantasies, they can’t resist. Soon Sally’s fantasies of outgrowing her mother become realities as the drug takes hold. Devin finds himself quickly the smaller of the two friends. The only thing worse than being tiny compared to your best friend? Being tiny compared to your best friend AND her hotty, milf mom as they compete to see who the big woman of the house is. See if Devin can survive the two hotties as their competition quickly outgrows him and the house!

Official Publisher's Review

The second chapter of Red Pill legalized focuses on two high school seniors (both over 18) as they steal their mom’s stash of hallucinatory drugs. From panel one, the action is hot as Sally’s fantasies quickly control Devin’s reality, and she grows huge. There’s lots of unaware BE, height growth, and ass growth. And when Sally realizes what’s happening? Things only ratchet up faster. A great beginning to what could be an awesome series!

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  • davidXgt

    Great chapter but I would like to see growth for the mother only, she is really wonderful and she must become a real mini giantess and the biggest always!!

  • Clonecamando

    This was a delightful issue full of wonderful visuals, story dynamics and growth. I love the mental aspect, we get the growing visual without having to concern about the world dealing with their size since it gets reversed at the end. It works alot better on itself than some series that simply reverse the gigantic size gains with no explanation or payoff.

    Here’s hoping the next person to get hooked on the drug has cravings for incredibly large assets, that’s sure to work a treat with these two. XD

    And I’ve got to agree with Kong, this series offers an opportunity for the giant growing women to receive equally giant satisfaction like the first issue if a guy like Devin had equal parts desire and size craving.

    Looking forward to the next issue.

  • faavv

    I loved the unaware growth in this issue! Always nice when it happens, especially in Peter Logan’s comics.
    Great revival for this series!

  • kong

    Nice work but Sally’s mom should become the biggest, sally shouldn’t grow much and shrink back and Devin’s cock grows bigger only not himself, the red pill should make the Milfs bigger and hotter only!
    Thank you so much ;)