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Queen Bee Phenomenon

#2: Queen Bee Phenomenon

Queen Bee Phenomenon
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Elliot Wallace
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  March 3, 2021

Will is on the hunt for the Queen Bee in order to restore normality to his life. Despite how great the world’s mini-giantesses are, things are spinning wildly out of control, and balance needs to be restored. Big boobs control the world! Along the way, his seductive quest catches the attention of a nosy reporter who starts following him around the city, taking pictures of his sexual exploits. In the end, they may need one another in order to finish this adventure of sex, transformation, and passion. It’s the story of the century, getting more exciting by the minute!

Official Publisher's Review

Are you ready to return to the hive? In this second issue of “Queen Bee Phenomenon” Will’s sexual adventure with giant women catches the eye of Sal, a bold reporter who senses an exciting new scoop. She’ll track him all over the city, documenting his huge cock and even bigger sexual escapades. Filled with lust, breast expansion, giant women, cum inflation, and so much more, this sequel issue is sure to leave you “buzzing” with excitement, guaranteed to be sweet!

On a side note, Elliot Wallace, the original artist of this series is no longer available to do comics, but thankfully the great Hartwell White decided to continue it so we can bring you many more issues of this sweet series packed with thick giantesses, bursting boobs and big cocks. Find out what new and amazing visuals await within this gigantic world-building of “Queen Bee Phenomenon!”.

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  • fitspunk86

    It does not seem to load, please fix the file as you can not view it

    • content

      Hi there! Thanks for letting us know about this issue, so far we don’t see anything wrong from our end and we were able to load the series without any problems. Please let us know if you’re still having this issue.

  • kong

    Very nice!
    I wish to see more of Will and his step-mom, he should help her grows much bigger and hotter!
    Also, the reporter should become a hot mini giantess too, we must have a world where all Milfs and Moms are huge and sexy permanently ;)