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Peak Shift: Mad House

#1: Peak Shift: Mad House

Peak Shift: Mad House
Written by:  Malenkaya
Release date:  February 19, 2014

Four twenty-something strangers find themselves captives of a cruel game focused around the acquisition of growth-producing serum. Personalities clash as the growing begins. Every growth comes with a challenge and a price. While Shauna runs off on her own, and Valery hides in the corner, Everett and Kim find themselves in the first of many traps.

Official Publisher's Review

The second arc of Peak Shift initially draws heavily Saw-like stories, where the characters must overcome personal weaknesses to survive and grow– this story just takes it a bit more literally. A charged environment and single, yet strong, sex scene blend together to create the potential for giantess fights, male and female growth, and a lot of juices flowing. There is a strong undertone of power-play that persists throughout the arc, focusing both on male and female dominance.