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New New Heaven

#2: New New Heaven

New New Heaven
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  July 3, 2019


Age Rating



All is still not well in New Heaven despite the amazing sex. His MILF girlfriend keeps growing and growing. The two lovers cannot return to “normal life” due to his MILF’s immense size. What are they going to do now?

Official Publisher's Review

New New Haven is meant to be both a reboot and a continuation of the great “The New Heaven” series. In this series the MILFs of the world will ALWAYS be bigger than the girls. The story will focus on how the New Haven world of giant girl and even bigger giant mothers has adjusted to the son’s wish.  All is not going well in the son’s (and other people who aren’t mothers) life to say the least.  It’s up to the son to fix what the has created to truly make his world a New Haven.

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