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New Heaven: My Giant Stepmom

#2: New Heaven: My Giant Stepmom

New Heaven: My Giant Stepmom
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  April 9, 2021


Age Rating



Harry could not help but writhe as Dawn seduced him with her giant, juicy curves. Henry wondered how wrong was to have sex with his thick and lusty stepmom, eager to fuck him to oblivion. But not even the strongest could resist the urge to please such a goddess, even more so when Dawn was not done growing.

Official Publisher's Review

The New Heaven universe keeps on expanding. This time we visit the story of Harry, another simple guy affected by the magical wish that changed the world forever in the previous series. After all the women in the world inexplicably grew overnight, Harry was one of the few to not get his mind wiped out and forget about the old world. The new giantess world struck him hard, and how could it not? His stepmom became a horny giantess and his dad was not exactly around to please the eager Titaness.

This new spin-off features plenty of giantess growth, breast expansion, ass growth, size comparison, and of course a lot of sex, that viewers are sure to enjoy! Make sure to read the previous series if you haven’t already:

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  • arodef3

    Amazing! I hope the stepmom gets rid of the father somehow! All so she can spend more time with her new lover! Incredible comic.

  • fitspunk86

    Very good, have to say you nailed it. Great growth scenes, you had the shock factor aswell. Well done

  • kong

    Really amazing and wonderful series!!
    The boy is so lucky, having a hot growing step-mom is awesome, she is so majestic and lovely!!

  • JLF

    I haven’t been able to load up any of the streaming views for at least a week and on different browsers etc. What the hell is going on?