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Mrs. Turner

#5: Mrs. Turner

Mrs. Turner
Written by:  Bob Saget
Release date:  October 12, 2018


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



Mike was scared after the horrifying 100ft Eve dream. He actively tried to avoid her despite her pleading texts. One day Mike was getting some groceries at the supermarket and recognizes Eve’s unmistakable voice. Mike peers out to witness Eve being picked on by a group of shop goers, that’s when she turns and catches a glimpse of him.

Mike freaks out and scrambles to avoid conflict but only to fail miserably, as Eve finds him sneaking out through the supermarket’s back door. What will happen between the intimating, angry giantess and the scared little Mike? Only one way to find out…

Official Publisher's Review

Mrs. Turner: A giantess MILF story, is based of a reader’s request.  The story features many giantess scenes that are inspired by recent stories such as New Heaven, Wish Upon a Star and GILF.  Mrs. Turner features exciting giantess action such as slow growth, fast growth, sexual situations, breast expansion, building destruction, and of course the ever popular giantess MILF theme that is the focus of the story.  Mrs. Turner was inspired by the reader himself, however the guide material sent was too long to reasonably fit within the max amount of chapters and the ending was left ambiguous. Bob Saget had to make some artistic decisions to keep the spirit of the material and make it enjoyable within Giantessclub’s story boundaries. That being said, we believe that reader’s will enjoy Bob Saget was able to create base off our reader’s fine idea.



  • kong

    Really nice , a giantess Milf is the best giantess ;)