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Mrs. Harper

#2: Mrs. Harper

Mrs. Harper
Written by:  Shoshanna P.
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Edited by:  DeLonge
Release date:  July 24, 2019


Age Rating



At this point, David has completely forgotten about the sexual rendezvous between his mom (Mrs. Turner) and Mike. Who would have thought that he was going to get his payback with no other that Mike’s mom (Mrs. Harper). Now, just like Mike and Mrs. Turner, David and Mrs. Harper are enjoying a lustful summer of growth and expansion thanks to the wonders of the Senistray. But their paradise doesn’t last long when the Senistray Company shuts down. What will become of them now?

Official Publisher's Review

Mrs. Harper: Another Giantess Milf Story came in to stay. The 1st chapter was a complete success that managed to fix some of the holes it’s predecessor “Mrs. Turner: A Giantess Milf Story” left. Now, this 2nd issue of Mrs. Harper comes in trying to develop a bit more on the background of our beloved GTS Milf, Mrs. Harper, and the universe around our wonderful characters. Please, be sure to like and to leave your comments bellow.



  • milfzilla

    Great! can’t wait to see all MILFs getting bigger slowly!

  • 317bagpipesx

    2 of the same page? What happened?

  • sonamy

    Excellent, she must give some of her stuff to other MILFs too and help them grow big, a city full of mini giantess MILFs would be heaven!

  • eve

    Amazing, I love her and how she grows, can’t wait for more

  • slapdash

    Great chapter. Can we some shoe busting in the next chapters, slippers, sneakers, sandals anything.

  • fitspunk86

    Thank you. I am enjoying this series. The storyline is fantastic. I loved the extra curves you added to mrs harper, my only criticism is that i am strictly a giantess fan and i fell there was more expansion than giantess growth in this episode. I am looking forward to the next one. If i could give any feedback it would be to have mrs Harper use her size to intimidate a little more in next episode

  • kong

    Very good, I hope they find a way to keep Milfs big and hot permanently, the Milfs shouldn’t return to normal sizes, they must stay at 10-12ft tall with a hot body for their minimum sizes as a side effect of the drinks.

    • kong

      Thanks for the update, Good chapter, I wish she finds a formula that makes her thick and huge with big boobs and butt and so tall permanently ;)