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Mother’s Milk

#2: Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  March 13, 2019


Age Rating



As more and more mothers transform into hulking sex-obsessed bimbos across the country, the FBI assigns special agent Kris Casey to look into things and dig up some dirt on the “Bust’n Out” formula company, hopeful to put an end to the madness. She’s had enough experience to think of this as nothing more than a routine case, albeit more surreal than she’s used to. But during a secretive mission, things quickly go off the rails as she and her special team of agents are apprehended by Madame Lorem, CEO of Bust’n Out. Helpless to the villain’s corruption and deviance, Kris will realize too late just how dire the situation is, and witness first hand some of these transformations shes been reading all about. In the end, she gets far more info than she bargained for, but at what cost?

Official Publisher's Review

The sequel to the popular first issue of Mother’s Milk is finally here! All across the USA, new mothers continue to unsuspectingly drink the “Bust’n Out” formula, designed to help their breast milk, and instead transform into gigantic milfs, obsessed with satiating their newfound lust. Read this exciting sequel as a team of FBI agents, codenamed Black Fox, sneak into the Bust’n Out headquarters in an attempt to get to the bottom of things and end the madness plaguing the nation– only to get captured themselves. What kinds of things will they be subjugated to? What oddities will they have to endure? From author DeLonge comes another pulse-pounding adventure, full of seduction and madness! Read and discover for yourself all the growing drama in this continuing series!