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Mother’s Love

#2: Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love
Written by:  RedAce350
Illustrated by:  Hartwell White
Release date:  September 23, 2020


Age Rating



These thick milfs are showing the townsfolk their immense love. The old water reservoir is now open and the tainted water is out there, causing major growth effects on women all over town, specifically on the mothers. Massive milfs are bursting out of their clothes and giant breasts are leaking gallons of breast milk on the streets, turning the city into a chaotic, yet sexy, orgy. How big can these milfs get? Only one way to find out…

Official Publisher's Review

The second part of this three-arc story is here, with more milfs and growing moms that we can fit in 10 pages. While the first issue (Mother’s Love #1) focuses on breast expansion only, this chapter explores the giant growth effects of the tainted water on women that have given birth before.

After an old water reservoir is reopened and the water is distributed to the nearest town, the women start growing uncontrollably almost from the get-go. These massive milfs are now ultra-horny and in need of release, the people better be prepared for the mother’s love that’s coming to them.

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  • davidXgt

    Excellent chapter, I love growing moms and milfs, let their butt and hip grow huge as well, continue this in more than 3 chapters, watching giantess milf moms is really good!!

  • kong

    Really amazing work, growing mothers are so hot and awesome!!

  • Growth_Lover

    “Whoa! That rear!!!”
    That’s a dialogue you don’t see everyday.

  • slapdash

    Great chapter, needs more shoe busting.