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Mother Earth

#4: Mother Earth

Mother Earth
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Eros Studio , Peter Logan
Release date:  November 1, 2019


Age Rating



The eco-terrorists approach an unsuspecting city commanded by Mother Earth which is bigger than ever before! Her devoted followers are in amazement about the new size she has achieved. Meanwhile in the city, a CEO is in a meeting with various investors talking about the worth of their Big Oil company. A battle of titans is about to start, and you don’t wanna miss it by any chance.

Official Publisher's Review

Mother Earth is a story by Bob Saget that puts a new spin on the giantess MILF theme. Instead of being a simple mother, she is the leader of an eco-terrorist group that wants nature to take back the planet using mass giantess destruction. Mother Earth uses a special seed to trigger growth in her female followers. The seed is named after the tallest tree and is called “Sequoia” However, the seed is volatile and isn’t a quick fix to achieve Mother Earth’s dream. The story will explore breaking through the seeds issues and other problems, such as Mother’s own son, that stop the eco-terrorist’s mission from becoming a reality. Mother Earth also includes the staple growth, sex, sexual situations, breast expansion that Bob Saget is known for.



  • milfzilla

    Marvelous work, really enjoyed from this giantess MILF, she is hot Mom, can’t wait for more growing MILFs works

  • kong

    Very good!
    Mother Earth is a wonderful Mom!