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Life Mutated

#3: Life Mutated

Life Mutated
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Morri , PX Comics Studio
Release date:  November 20, 2019

After sharing a passionate kiss, Max and Betty realize that they’re in the midst of a changing relationship together. Betty drags Max by the hand away from the bizarre orgy of the party and pulls her into the woods where they can be alone. They eventually come to a small pond and sit, relaxing and surrounded by the nighttime sky, breathing in the nature. They talk about their past and the things they’ve been through. Max finally finds enough comfort from someone to break down and start crying in front of Betty, who in turn does her best to console Max. After the tender moment, Betty confesses to Max that she wants to be mutated as well; a giantess.

Official Publisher's Review

In this third chapter of “Life Mutated,” Max and Betty find themselves in the midst of a changing relationship together, furthering their relationship. After sharing a passionate kiss they realize that their true feelings have been kept dormant and secret from one another and decide to have a night full of nostalgia and emotional reconciliation. They keep to themselves, walking down memory lane and recalling their past decade long friendship. It is a story full of heart and connection, revealing a deeper side to Max. But she isn’t the only one with a few secrets, as Betty has her own private discoveries to share. Things that Max wouldn’t ever suspect from her best friend. Things that will change the course of their relationship forever. In this chapter, the two of them will discover more about each other than they bargained for. For them, it will be a night forever remembered full of love, lust and passion, binding Max and Betty closer together.