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Life Mutated

#2: Life Mutated

Life Mutated
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Morri , PX Comics Studio
Release date:  May 3, 2018


Age Rating



The next morning after Max’s transformation, she finds it difficult to get a handle on her current predicament, her mother eventually comes into her room with new clothes for her, practically pushing her out the front door to go to school despite her new physical appearance. Max is naturally reluctant, but even worse than all this is the adverse reaction Max gets from her little sister Sydney.

At school, Max finds the teenager world now even more difficult to maneuver through, both mentally and physically, as her best friend Betty simply walks away after seeing her without a word. Towards the end of the day max is actually invited to a party by a cheerleader named Amber and after some debating Max decides to go.

Official Publisher's Review

Max’s bizarre adventures continue in this second chapter of “Life Mutated.” Now out of the lab, Max finds her mother trying to force her back into an everyday routine despite her obvious changes. Being a teenager is difficult enough without being a hulking sex goddess. Max must figure out what to do with her new physique and how to adjust her life accordingly. New dilemmas arise such as simply getting around and finding wearable clothing in her size. After being forced to go to school, Max’s problems only escalate and she finds herself in an even more miserable position than before. Her prospects have changed from aloof to blaringly surreal. High school life is a worsening hell for her, being a ten foot tall mutant. What’s worse than anything though is her little sister Sydney who now looks at her differently as if she doesn’t even recognize her. Both her and the rest of the school look at her like she’s a freak, and even her best friend Betty won’t say hi to her. Things constantly spiral out of control for Max, who must deal with life in a way that no one before her ever has.

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  • xcuervos

    DeLonge continues to impress! This was a fun issue, and I really liked the scenes were Max tries to fit into a normal crowd. It really shows off the size difference she’s dealing with now. Things start to get crazy in this one, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next!