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#1: Jacolyn Beanstalk

Jacolyn Beanstalk
Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Release date:  March 20, 2012


Age Rating



Jack has been living with a cold and rather cruel yet beautiful wife. She’s just sure that she’s above any other woman in the land. Thanks to a fortuante encounter with a mysterious cloaked woman in town. Jack returns home with some magic beans and shows just how his wife can really be. Now her ego isn’t the only massive thing about her, and she goes from cold to steaming hot. (Single part comic).



  • Webspidr

    I eagerly want to know what happens next! Does Jacolyn blame Jack for wanting to change her, or think she deserved it? Will she use her new-found influence to try to improve the village? How has she changed or stayed the same? Living in her pleasurable, hyper-aroused state might be a dream come true for her as well as for Jack (and for many people I’m sure), but how will she reconcile her new desire for sexual adventurism with her increased appreciation for Jack, and how will Jack react if she starts sleeping with others? I think this series could lead to some very interesting sequels. :D