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Incognito: Agent GTS

#8: Incognito: Agent GTS

Incognito: Agent GTS
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Eros Studio , Peter Logan
Characters:  Andrea
Release date:  October 25, 2017


Age Rating



Out at sea, a hidden foe stirs as she surveys the city off shore.  This mysterious woman will soon be not so hidden.  Using a concentrated serum, the unknown woman quickly ascends to goddess like heights.  Meanwhile back at the shipyard, Andrea is overpowering Sylvia in a battle of giantesses.  Fox did his part wonderfully to make Andrea grow to a titanic size.  Andrea pins Sylvia to the ground.  Curiously, the defeated giantess starts laughing in the face of defeat.  Before Andrea could even process the situation, the ground starts to shake as something truly gigantic approaches.  Andrea gazes up in horror at a goddess that severely dwarfs her in size.  The coming battle will force Andrea to use her stealth in a strange turn of events to defeat a foe much greater than her.  The outcome of this conflict will determine Andrea’s fate…

Official Publisher's Review

Andrea’s story continues after a fairly long time off in Incognito Agent GTS.  Stakes are going to be higher in this story than it was in the first Incognito.  Andrea is going to be up against way fiercer foes that can actually challenge a giantess.  The first Incognito was rather lacking in this regard, as once Andrea grew, nothing could stop her.  Additionally the sex and growth action is going to be ramped up as well, when before it was only Andrea who grew.  Other women are going to grow in Agent GTS as a new kind of espionage, involving growing giantesses, unfolds to change the world forever.  Incognito Agent GTS is perfect mix of plot and porn that readers are sure to enjoy thoroughly in the growing agents not so stealthy return.