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Incognito Agent GTS

#6: Incognito Agent GTS

Incognito: Agent GTS
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Eros Studio , Peter Logan
Characters:  Andrea
Release date:  August 2, 2017


Age Rating



Sylvia’s quickly growing body destroys the entire estate.  Andrea is seemingly dead due to being crushed by Sylvia’s sheer growing girth.  With an assassination mission accomplished, the titaness and her minuscule partner depart the scene.  Little do they know that Andrea survived the onslaught.  Andrea now wants revenge as she thinks that she was betrayed by Fox in much the same way The Org. betrayed her.  That night, Andrea begins her vengeance in the seedy underbelly of the city during the dark of night.  Fox is busy making a deal with some sketchy individuals when suddenly Andrea rips the roof off above him.  Andrea grabs Fox and furiously yells at him for his betrayal.  Fox tries to reason, but the angry giantess is having none of it.  Andrea proceeds to grow to tremendous heights.  As she wants to combine pleasure with revenge in a oh so sweet combination.  Fox continues to yell at Andrea that he is innocent as Andrea prepares to insert the building he is on inside her.  Having second thoughts, Andrea reluctantly decides to hear Fox out…

Official Publisher's Review

Andrea’s story continues after a fairly long time off in Incognito Agent GTS.  Stakes are going to be higher in this story than it was in the first Incognito.  Andrea is going to be up against way fiercer foes that can actually challenge a giantess.  The first Incognito was rather lacking in this regard, as once Andrea grew, nothing could stop her.  Additionally the sex and growth action is going to be ramped up as well, when before it was only Andrea who grew.  Other women are going to grow in Agent GTS as a new kind of espionage, involving growing giantesses, unfolds to change the world forever.  Incognito Agent GTS is perfect mix of plot and porn that readers are sure to enjoy thoroughly in the growing agents not so stealthy return.