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Grow Cookies

#3: Grow Cookies

Grow Cookies
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  October 4, 2019

The night is young and now that Maggie’s mom has eaten a few of the cookies herself, the action is really heating up. Maggie, her step-sister Heather, and her crush Dylan are all schooled by the Milf Grow-Cookies Pro as she quickly outgrows and dominates everyone. Worse yet, Dylan learns some adverse affects the drugs have on male users. The good news? His cock grows every time he cums. The bad news? The rest of him shrinks. The worse news? Maggie’s Milf Mom really wants that cock. She really knows how to enjoy a growth-inducing high, and Dylan is going to find the busty amazon hard to resist.

Official Publisher's Review

The third and final installment of “Grow Cookies” ramps up hard and fast with Maggie’s Mom claiming as many of the growth inducing cookies for herself then revealing an even more startling revelation–Dylan’s cum makes women grow even more. The only ‘downside’ being he’s got to shrink too. Small price to pay, she says.

This story contains hot Milf growth, tons of intense sex while growing, nibi-giantesses dominating small men, male shrinking, penis growth, and competitive growth. If you’ve been following along, this is not the chapter to miss out on! Dylan (and you) are in for one wild ride!



  • NeekoBard

    Hi! First of all I just want to say I created an account just because this comic series. I absolutly love it! I think its a story totally different (in comparison to other works). Male growth, female giantess growth and even muscle growth (something I rarely see you exploring, despite you being good at it), it’s all here! Really like the step-sister and Maggie to show up growing in some possible new one(?). Overall, I love it and sorry for the long ramble.

  • goldgins

    i wish you guys would stop ending the good stories so soon

    • Malenkaya

      Hey Goldgins! Glad to hear this is one of the good stories! The fun doesn’t have to end. They can always grab more cookies after all! Would you want to follow the mom or Maggie and Dylan (or maybe the step-sister)?

      • milfzilla

        Great, I follow for more of the mom, she must eat all cookies and drink cums, she must be at least double or triple size of the girls always.
        and how about other milfs get these cookies and grow huge and sexy?

  • eve

    This comic is short but amazing, Maggie’s mom is wonderful, can’t wait for more works with growing moms

  • begts

    Really good, I wish we had more of this perfect giantess Mom, however, I really enjoyed it when she was growing and the last scene is hot too. growing Milf Moms make perfect works always.

    • Malenkaya

      We’ll have to see what if the mom gets another supply of Grow Cookies (I hope so)! If I may ask, which scene specifically?

      • begts

        Yes, she must get it ;)
        The scene where she enters the room, I like huge Moms in small home.

  • kong

    The best chapter, Mom is so wonderful, she must have all cum and cookies to stay the biggest forever!
    Make more works with hot mini giantess Milfs and Moms in more chapters please, thanks a lot.

    • kong

      For the next parts, you can show the cookie’s effect is more on Milfs, so men will shrink, girls grow little, but Milfs growing much bigger and hotter!
      After some months, all Milfs are hot mini giantesses and girls are amazon size in the whole country and we can have a contest for the biggest Mom, so every girl or boy trying to bring more cookies to her/his Mom and make her the winner! ;)