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Grow Cookies

#2: Grow Cookies

Grow Cookies
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  June 21, 2019


Age Rating



Nothing like an older step-sibling to ruin what was supposed to be a night of sex and growth-inducing drugged cookies. Now Maggie and Dylan find themselves scrambling to make sure that Heather doesn’t catch them or the cookies.

But that plan doesn’t last long as the temptation of exacting revenge is just too tempting for Maggie to handle. Soon Maggie and Dylan begin teasing Heather, but is she too much for them to handle?

Official Publisher's Review

Part II of the ongoing Grow Cookies series. Dylan and Maggie are in for some trouble when they look to get revenge. Needless to say, things escalate quickly for the trio. Breast, amazonian, and cock growth ensues with plenty of domination sprinkled in for good measure. With is sure to excite anyone who likes competitions, powerplay, and threesomes. It ends on a cliffhanger sure to leave readers hungry for Part III.



  • eve

    I like this part especially ending was great and I hope more growth for the Mom

  • kong

    Wonderful, Can’t wait for more growth and expansions for Mom ;)

    • kong

      please make the Mom much bigger than girls, also don’t make the guy huge, thank you so much ;)