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Going Green

#2: Going Green

Going Green
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  FCD
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  November 25, 2020

After an alien plant crash-lands on Earth, Doug’s weekend retreat with his step-aunt turns into a surreal whirlwind of passion and sex. With both of them transforming into hulking sex gods, the possibilities are endless– huge boobs, juicy cocks, and raging hormones! To further add to the confusion, Doug’s friend Jane makes a surprise visit, just in time to capture the bizarre scene on video. Overcome with curiosity, she can’t help but join in on the sexy fun, swept up in the craziness and passion. It doesn’t take long for her to experience her own transformations, surrounding Doug with beautiful curves and spoiling him alongside his step-aunt. It’s the perfect mix of alien mutation, mind-numbing sex, endless orgasms, and extra-terrestrial euphoria, sure to change the rest of their lives. It’s the final issue of “Going Green” ending with a bang!

Official Publisher's Review

Hello devoted readers! Welcome to the final issue of Doug’s not-so-innocent weekend away with his step-aunt, where things have gone from awkwardly tense to excitingly out-of-control! After being infected by an alien plant, Doug and his step-aunt are morphing into sex gods, developing curves in all the right places. With their libidos increased and inhibitions lowered, it’s the perfect recipe for hyper-sexualized bodies. Joined by his friend Jane, Doug’s deepest fantasies come true in this issue full of transformation, breast expansion, giantess women, cum inflation, and non-stop orgasms, sure to bring you heightened levels of lust. But don’t take our word for it, open this final issue of “Going Green” for yourself and discover all the fun!

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  • soxfanforever

    A little disappointed that this series had a pregnant tag, gave us one page of cum inflation which disappeared within a page, and then we get a “The End” for a finisher. Seems unfortunately common for interesting premises to get 1-2 comics & then ended instead of exploring those stories to their fullest.

  • kong

    Nice, but I hope to see some normal giantess moms and milfs ;)