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Goddess Maker Origins

#2: Goddess Maker Origins

Goddess Maker Origins
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Eros Studio , Peter Logan
Release date:  February 27, 2018


Age Rating



Andy is flabbergasted as the giantess rips off his pants and asks him to fuck her.  Not wanting to disappoint, Andy agrees despite his extreme confusion.  As Andy thrusts the giant woman, he rests his hands against her for support so that he can fuck her as hard as possible.  Suddenly his hand lights up with alien symbols. Andy is shocked as he notices his hand glowing.  He did not have time to make sense of his hand as her moans flood his ears  The giantess starts to quickly grow out of control.  Now around 100ft, the giantess lays on the ruins of the building.  Andy could not believe what is happening.  Suddenly he hears police sirens.  Not wanting to be caught in such a weird situation, Andy runs to hide.  The next day all Andy could think about was that night.  How did he make that girl grow?  Can he make others grow as well?  So many questions that need to be answered.

Official Publisher's Review

Readers can think think of Goddess Maker Origins as a reboot of Ascension, one of Giantess Clubs first stories.  Origins explores the humble beginnings of the villain known as the “Goddess Maker.”   Goddess Maker has the power to turn any woman he touches into a horny giantess.  The exact mechanics and quirks of his power will be explained throughout the story, The story takes inspiration from other works such as Ascension, GILF, and of course, Bob Saget’s other stories like Wish Upon a Star. Even though Goddess Maker Origins starts off rather slow in the first chapter, be re-assured that the following parts ramp up the growth and sex action to a break neck pace.



  • Clonecamando

    Definitely ramped up the pace, much appreciated.
    Plenty of action and growing in this chapter and a great hint of more to come. This might turn out one of the better series released these past months.

  • kong

    nice work but i hope he turn some Milfs to goddesses too ;)