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Goddess Maker Origins

#3: Goddess Maker Origins

Goddess Maker Origins
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  November 9, 2018


Age Rating



With the experiment of his powers seemingly failed, Andy solemnly makes his way out of the mall. Andy angrily stares at his right hand. Maybe making that hot girl grow was a just one time thing? Now that his sexy supernatural power trip is over, Andy angrily comes to the horrible realization about how painfully shitty his life is. Suddenly screams of mall customers flood Andy’s ears. Andy turns in the direction of the chaotic yells. Could it be? Could that girl he touched be growing just like the last?

Official Publisher's Review

Readers can think think of Goddess Maker Origins as a reboot of Ascension, one of Giantess Clubs first stories. Origins explores the humble beginnings of the villain known as the “Goddess Maker.” Goddess Maker has the power to turn any woman he touches into a horny giantess. The exact mechanics and quirks of his power will be explained throughout the story, The story takes inspiration from other works such as Ascension, GILF, and of course, Bob Saget’s other stories like Wish Upon a Star. Even though Goddess Maker Origins starts off rather slow in the first chapter, be re-assured that the following parts ramp up the growth and sex action to a break neck pace.



  • Webspidr

    I think I would have enjoyed the latest chapter more if the woman and the main character had had sex while the woman was growing, or if we had at least seen her grow more inside the changing-room stall. Also, the fact that she was scared for most of the growth made it much less erotic for me. I would have very much preferred it if her dominant emotions had been those of pleasure, arousal, and ecstasy while growing; surprise is an emotion that works well in combination with the emotions I mentioned, but the giantess’s fear of growing definitely ruined my enjoyment of the growth scene, even if the giantess was horny after she finished growing initially. In addition, the woman who became the blonde giantess was a fun and cool character, even before she started growing! I also like how the writer established a hilarious initial meeting between her and the main character at the store before they meet again at the fast food restaurant. I’d love to see more of her in the story!

    I hope this feedback is helpful~! :D

  • blackdog86

    I love your guys work. Its incredible and amazing the comics you guys come up with, but could you show more process or more people being effected. I have been a long time follower and always love your work since 7 years ago when the main character figured out he could control the growth. I dont want to sound like this is a negative review,but i just want to see more process. Above the law from the first to the newest editions have been my favorites but there are plenty i enjoy. You guys are incredible i cant say it enough. Thank you for you art and story. Thats just my 2 cent but i do really love the process

    • content

      Hi and thank you very much for this. We appreciate all kinds of reviews and we’re glad you like our work!

  • kong

    Hope to see some Milf Goddesses ;)

  • kujoddw

    Would love to see this Goddess get a third or even fourth dose of growth!!!