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Giantess Containment Bureau: Next Generation

#1: Giantess Containment Bureau: Next Generation

Giantess Containment Bureau: Next Generation
Written by:  Bacchus
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  May 29, 2019


Age Rating



In a final exam, four trainees must brave the war-zone of a giantess infested city. Amongst them is the brash Jeremy, the domineering Tatyana, the shy Ren, and the stoic Kye. They know they need to stay focused to survive, too bad their personal drama is going to become a huge obstacle!

The trainees quickly find themselves in over their heads, but they trained for this. They won’t get distracted by huge-boobed women or the lure of growing to giant proportions… right? Good luck cadets!

This chapter has suit erupting giantess growth and giantess with normal sized male sex

Official Publisher's Review

An excellent return of a Giantess Club classic. Giantess Containment Bureau picks up with a new group of survivors trying to make it in a world infested with horny, feral, growing women. This chapter includes BE, mini-giantess fucking normal sized male as she grows into a full sized giantess, giantess fights, and lots of action. This is only the beginning for our cadets, with bigger and bigger challenges to come!



  • phobuck

    At this rate this is going to be my favorite series of all time.

    • Bacchus

      I love hearing that! We’ve got even more amazing giantess action in the next issue. What was your favorite part thus far?

      • phobuck

        That’s great, i’m definitely excited for it! In this issue my favorite part was the intimate growth scene after Tatyana became infected and that’s probably my favorite theme in most of these comics but this one in particular is absolutely amazing. It is extremely well written and I always love this artist’s illustration style. The next issues seem very promising.

  • kong

    Very nice, this series is so good, please continue with more giantess mature MILFs and Moms ;)

    • Bacchus

      You’ll just have to wait for the next issue! There’s even more crazy, BIGGER, giantess action on the way.