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Game Changer

#6: Game Changer

Game Changer
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  January 8, 2020

Things aren’t looking good for our characters. As Juniper loses her mind to transformative pleasure, Kalvin’s chances of escaping the Game Master’s twisted dimension with his friends are becoming bleak. How did things get so out of control? They may be on their own to come up with a backup plan in case his mom can’t control herself. And to make matters even worse, both Christy and Ginger have become personal play toys for the Game Master, transforming against their will and complicating the situation. Big boobs, butts, and sexy bodies galore! The monstrous audience loves it! But not all hope is lost. There still might be a way for our team to escape with their sanity– it’s just going to take some ingenuity and a little determination to make it happen.

Official Publisher's Review

Things are looking worse than ever for Kalvin, his mom, and his friends. Trapped in the Game Master’s corrupting game, the situation has gone from bizarre to dire as they realize their chances of winning are slimming by the minute. No one is safe from the Game Master’s magic; everyone will be altered and “perfected” according to her vision. Bigger boobs. Even bigger butts. Exploding cocks! She wants it all. With Kalvin’s mom, Juniper, becoming too aroused to continue, he and his friends will quickly have to come up with a plan-b to escape, hopefully with their minds still intact and not lost to lust and pleasure. It seems almost impossible. Can they do it? What must they sacrifice along the way? What new transformations and changes await them? Just how demented is the Game Master’s imagination? Find out in this thrilling issue, and feel the insatiability for yourself!