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Game Changer

#2: Game Changer

Game Changer
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  January 9, 2019


Age Rating



In this continuing adventure, our players see even more transformations and madness! If Kalvin and his friends thought that things couldn’t get any worse they’re soon to discover just how wrong they all are. After further corruptions and changes to their bodies, the Game Master reveals to the players that it’s not only their physical forms that are changing with every turn but their mental states as well. The longer the four of them remain in the game, the more consumed by lust they all devolve, becoming increasingly more aroused until they’re no longer able to think for themselves; brain-dead bimbos. Faced with this race against the clock scenario, the four teenagers must continue the game and see what other dark surprises await them. There’s no choice otherwise. Needless to say, it’s an experience that’s as twisted as it is pleasurable and something that will challenge them all.

Official Publisher's Review

From writer DeLonge comes the second issue of this series. Faced with even more transformations, consequences, and corruption, Kalvin and his three friends are continuously forced into a mind-altering game that will challenge their fortitude and their grasp on reality. With each roll of the dice, our teenagers further lose themselves to lust, becoming dangerously aroused, and with time they may snap altogether. It’s a race against the clock with perils at every stop along the way, full of pleasure, weirdness, and uncontrollable urges. They’re in over their heads! Can the four players hold onto their sanity before the game is over? What new changes await them, transforming their bodies? Just how long can they hold out, and what will be left of them? Find out in this latest issue of “Game Changer”!



  • tryytre

    I like where this is going. I have a funny feeling all the creatures watching are people who has played this game before.

  • Magnaking

    I hope to see some gender bender for the male, some huge tits would greatly benefit him.

  • kong

    hope to see more human giantesses!

  • Magnaking

    when does this chapter release on the ninth?

    • content

      Hi Magnaking. We just published it, you should be able to buy it or stream it now.