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Game Changer: Generation Domination

#3: Game Changer: Generation Domination

Game Changer: Generation Domination
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  March 26, 2021

Things continue to grow stranger in the Game Changer universe! After Kalvin and his wife Joyce tumble into the magical board game to rescue their daughter, they’re surprised to find the original Game Master patiently waiting for them. Things are never simple in this strange world of lust and transformation, and the two of them must start another corrupting game if they want any hope of bringing their daughter back to the real world safely. Meanwhile, Katy and her friends are dealing with their own troubles, battling Ginger and turning into bigger bimbos with each turn. As arousal overtakes them, turning them into sex fiends, it’s only a matter of time before they’re lost to their own desires. Can Kalvin rescue them in time? What new exciting mysteries await? How will they be transformed? Find out in this latest Game Changer sequel!

Official Publisher's Review

Game Changer is back with more magical transformations than ever before! As Katy and her friends square off against Ginger, transforming themselves into sexy beasts, Kalvin, and his wife dive into the board game to try and rescue them. They’re surprised to find an old friend waiting for them– the previous Game Master, bigger and busier than ever before. Each page is filled to the brim with seduction, transformation, and action! Can the determination of our heroes remain strong enough to escape this magical world of mayhem? What new sexy alterations await them? How will they be altered? Do they dare to find out? Find out in this exciting sequel, and feel the magic for yourself! You may never want to leave the world of Game Changer.